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Activities of Daily Living

Many judges agree that video documentaries “are the best form of evidence the jury has.”  An Activities of Daily Living that is fairly, objectively, honestly and accurately produced, portrays a plaintiffs altered life style, leting the injury and its effect show in vivid detail the difficulties and hard-ships endured by accident victims.  The jury must see and understand how the plaintiff’s life has been altered.  once the source footage is captured, we edit using digital, non-linear editing equipment to prepare the footage for maximum impact.  The final product is a documentary tailored to your specifications.

This video is not intended to anger the jury, but rather arouse sympathy.  It will document the physical, emotional, and social challenges your client faces in their daily environment.  It is not possible, or practical, for a jury to spend time in the plaintiff’s environment and observe how routine obstacles have become insurmountable.  Often individuals, who have learned to live with devastating handicaps, tend to minimize their situation.  For this reason, they are usually poor witnesses on their own behalf.

Cost effective.  During recent years, the use of ADL’s has added tremendously to the value of cases when utilized.  It is very difficult to measure the damage a plaintiff has sustained; this type of video allows the judge and jury to fully understand the change in life, and better award a proper settlement.  We can shoot en entire day, or a portion of it.  Once what is important, and the challenges involved are communicated, we can capture everything effectively.