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There are many services that we can provide.  Including, but not limited to, Depositions, Mediation Videos, ADL (Activities of Daily Living), Will Ceremonies, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Pre and Post Construction Videos, Construction Draw Videos and Forensic Videos.

According to recent research, when using images in addition to the spoken word, people will retain the information six times better.  Clearly giving you a distinct advantage over your opposing council.

In our production office, we use the latest digital, non-linear video editing systems.  Our systems allow us to digitally edit video with minimal generation loss.  Our Videographers use digital broadcast quality cameras and digital tape; thus, the final product is of far superior quality.


Once the Deposition is digitally encoded, we can synchronize it to the transcript text on a line-by-line basis.  During the discovery phase, this allows for quick key word searches, and display the corresponding video.  During the trial, objections and stricken testimony can be edited out in minutes.  Capital Legal Video can synchronize for Sanction, Summation or TrialDirector.

What You Can Expect

It is company policy to arrive at least one hour before the deposition, to properly set up equipment, and to prevent technical difficulties.  We use ONLY certified, experienced Videographers.  All equipment is broadcast quality.  Simultaneous recording on DVD and VHS.  Professional Dress and Manners.  Deponents framed properly in video.  Time and Date stamp on video.  Announcements at the beginning and end of recordings, with on and off record announcements.  Extreme close-up of evidence (if needed).  Almost instant DVD and VHS.