Company Policies

Company Policies

1. Terminology

The Law Firm will be referred to as the "Client."  "Area" refers to a 200 mile radius of Augusta, GA, including Atlanta, Augusta, Columbia, Savannah and Charleston, unless prior arrangements have been made.

2. Liability

CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE shall not be liable for damages, beyond the hourly fee being charged, for damaged or otherwise unacceptable video caused by circumstances beyond their control, including, but not limited to, equipment and/or recording media failure.  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE is not responsible for acts of nature or acts of God.  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE will not assume responsibility nor make any guarantees as to the results or outcome of the contracted project.

3. Service Area

CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE serves primarily Augusta, Atlanta, Columbia, Savannah and Charleston, but is available for travel outside of this area with an appropriate fee schedule and/or out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Scheduling

Once CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE has reviewed the CLIENT’S information and finalized the goals, CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE will require a deposit to begin scheduling.  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE fees are based on a minimum that includes two hours on location.  Additional time is billed hourly.  Please refer to the paragraphs below with regard to early access, cancellations, delays, no-shows and overtime and delivery.

As noted below, CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE understands that although some of our clients take contingency cases, our business requires payment in full for the products/services provided.  Our terms are C.O.D., unless other arrangements have been made in advance of the arrival of the VIDEOGRAPHER at the location requested by the CLIENT.

CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE hours for standard rates are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with recognized state and federal holidays excluded. If the CLIENT requires assistance on a holiday, consult with CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE at least two weeks in advance. 

5. Early Access to Facility

For video depositions and in other instances, CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE will arrive one hour early (which is not charged for).  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE will need access to the site for parking, unloading, equipment set-up and testing prior to the start of the deposition or other service contracted.  Time is needed to identify and attempt to correct any problems or obstacles prior to the start of the recording.  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE does not believe the client should pay for the setup time unless our videographer is denied access.  If our videographer arrives early and does not have the access agreed upon, charges will be applied for any setup time that encroaches into the contracted video time.  Overtime is calculated at 1.5 times our standard rate and is applied in hourly increments.  Overtime is any time after our videographer has been on the site for more than SIX hours.

6. Booking

While CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE understands that some of our clients take contingency cases, our business requires payment in full for the products/services provided.  Our terms are C.O.D., unless arrangements have been made in advance of arrival at the CLIENT’S location.  Please refer to our CONTRACT for other details.

7. Delivery/Shipment

CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE provides free local delivery within the local service area (50 miles from Augusta).  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE uses Federal Express services for all deliveries outside of this area.  CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE product is accompanied with an official “Receipt For A Video Document” that is required to be signed upon acceptance.  Fully documenting the chain of evidence is vital.  Once CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE delivers our product to the client, CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE can no longer verify authenticity and therefore strongly recommends safeguarding the client’s video document with an appropriate documentation trail.  Actual shipping costs will be charged to the client.

8. Cancellations/No Shows

If CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE receives notice of cancellation at least 24 hours before scheduled work, there is no charge.  Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled work will be subject to our minimum two hour rate.  In case of a NO-SHOW, CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE will charge the minimum charge for servicing the Client.  A no-show is when our videographer leaves their studio and arrives at the client’s location, only to find out the work has been cancelled without a previous notice.

9. Delayed Sessions

Any work that starts later than the scheduled time is referred to as a “delayed session”, and billing applies to the scheduled time regardless of how late the session begins.

10. Payment

All services will require a "Contract for Services" signed prior to work commencing.  Billing for law clients and court reporters will require payment in-full within 30 days.  Payments can be C.O.D.  A 10% storage fee will be added monthly after the initial 30 days.  Original videos will be held by CAPITAL LEGAL VIDEO SERVICE until payment is received.

11. Overtime

Weekends are automatic overtime.  Also, whenever the work goes beyond SIX hours, this will be considered overtime.  Overtime is calculated at 1.5 times the standard rate and is applied in hourly increments.

12. Travel / Out of Pocket Expenses

If travel outside the area is necessary, the client will be charged mileage (current IRS rate) and a driver hourly rate.  Any expenses for hotel, meals and airfare will be charged to the client as out-of-pocket expenses.  All out of pocket expenses will be charged to the client.